SecureLocate releases much awaited MZone5 – IVMS software update – January 2014

Welcome to SecureLocate MZone 5 - the next generation of in the series of MZone IVMS applications. This version of MZone boasts a brand new User Interface with new and vastly improved Map Control; a brand new Accident Reconstruction Dashboard feature; as well as many 'under-the-hood' improvements and optimizations that elevate the user experience as well as accommodate clients' ever-increasing business requirements.

The new User Interface design is intended to optimize the menus and space on MZone making for an enhanced user experience. That, coupled with the smoother and more responsive map controls, makes the new MZone a pleasure to work with. The new Overview Dashboard, seen first upon entering MZone from the landing page, provides customizable statistics regarding your fleet that give you a general idea of the status of your vehicles. The simulation and documentation of vehicle accidents is now possible through the new Accident Reconstruction Dashboard available with this next generation of MZone. Business owners that make use of APIs can expect the new API with this version of MZone to add more robustness to the power of the MZone Platform.

For more information on MZone5 updates, release and other IVMS related requirements please do not heisstate to contact us as