Tracking, Locating & Monitoring Services

Our pragmatic approach to real time tracking, monitoring and locating solutions, allows SecureLocate™ to assist clients in mitigating the risk to both the business traveller and assets. SecureLocate™ utilises various technologies that provide 24/7 tracking, locating and monitoring services, combining:

•     GPS positioning
•     GSM and or Satellite communications
•     Reports and Messaging Capabilities
•     Delivery of one or two-way SMS messages
•     Enable Geo-fence and or agreed boundaries
•     Ability to send xml data feeds – third party applications
•     Information overlay's
•     Application is hardware agnostic.
•     KMZ Information/ Google Earth satellite imagery overlays
GPS - Personnel, Vehicle and Fixed Asset Monitoring
SecureLocate™ has an array of advanced hardware solution with embedded transponders that allow reliable and affordable GSM and GPS Satellite tracking solutions. The devices vary and their compact portable design (where possible) ensures that they can be easily deployed, giving true Global Coverage whilst providing the following solutions;

SecureLocate™ provides satellite vehicle tracking and cargo security for the transportation of goods by truck, trailer or container. SecureLocate Provides complete In-Transit Visibility (ITV) to provide the logistics customer with maximum visibility and near real-time monitoring.

SecureLocate™ provides a fixed asset tracking solutions to monitor high-value, semi-permanent industrial equipment. Our satellite tracking system can provide industrial companies with applications for automated meter reading, oil and gas storage tank monitoring, pipeline monitoring and environmental monitoring, which can reduce operating costs for these companies, including labor costs, fuel costs, and the expense of on-site monitoring and maintenance.

SecureLocate™ provides maritime tracking solutions to locate, track and monitor commercial and leisure vessels at regular pre-defined intervals, and fulfill all Ship Security Alerts (SSAS) and LRIT (Long Range Identification Tracking) requirements.

SecureLocate™ provides Aviation Tracking allowing truly global tracking & monitoring. Our portable ‘walk-on’ fit design, remote panic fobs, Voice & SMS capability coupled with the intelligent transmission of data based on speed make our solution unique in its class. SecureLocate™ offer ideal voice and data communication solution for Cargo logistics, Private Jets and Commercial planes and Helicopters.

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