About Us

SecureLocate™ was launched in 2005 to meet clients’ increasingly urgent need to have secure, web-based, accurate and up-to-date common operating pictures of their operations using digital maps and information overlays, underpinned by a fully redundant crisis communications and crisis management support service.

Our initial in-house research and development effort was inspired by an Oil & Gas sector client who had been unable to communicate via mobile phone with two European staff he realised were entering, unbeknownst to them, into a horrific hostage-taking crises unfolding on a compound in the Middle East in 2004, as he watched the incident being reported on the news.

Securelocate™ has since gone on to set a benchmark of excellence in the tracking and crisis management spheres. A Crisis Response Team comprised of highest-calibre former government sector crisis management and security specialists, technicians, intelligence analysts and kidnap and ransom response experts underpins the technology.

This team draws on a wealth of experience gained helping clients identify, avoid and where necessary respond effectively to insurgent, terrorist and piracy attacks, industrial accidents, riots, car-jackings, false alarms, road traffic accidents, break-downs, hostage-takings, arson attacks, robberies, kidnappings and natural disasters.

By exploiting the SecureLocate™ US Government Defense Logistics Agency (DLA)-approved and integrated platform, clients gain true oversight and peace of mind for assets on the ground, backed up by a fully redundant 24/7 monitoring, crisis management and technical support service.
  Today, SecureLocate™ operates globally through our Global Operations & Communications Centre (GOCC) located in the UAE. The GOCC represents the nexus point through which we develop and deliver an ever-progressing range of products, tracking devices, satellite communication services and command and control solutions.

In Iraq and Libya we have frontloaded permanently deployed Securelocate™ incident response and technical support teams due to intensive client demand in these countries.

" The SecureLocate™ In Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS) has been professionally installed, easy to use, versatile and has given us all the necessary information we require to monitor and run our fleet of vehicles efficiently and safely. I recommend the system to any company or person thinking about installing a professional tracking system."

S-Chem Management, Saudi Arabia, July 2007

" We wish to thank Restrata and its Iraq team for the ongoing support and services in providing valued SecureLocate™ In-Vehicle Monitoring Systems (IVMS) installations to our vehicles/fleets in Iraq and continued after care support services. These systems are crucial to our ongoing project requirements for our clients in Iraq."

Basrah Eurolane Company (BECO), 2012.