Code of Ethics

Restrata is committed to operating with integrity and to the highest ethical standards. The Company aims to maintain high ethical standards in the conduct of its business and will not tolerate any behaviour or practice that compromises our principles.

Restrata undertakes to:

• Act with integrity and adhere to the highest standard of business ethics
• Deliver the highest standard of service to its clients and maintain client confidentiality
• Comply with the laws and regulations of the countries within which it operates
• Contract only with established legal entities and in accordance with relevant national and international legislation
• Comply with international and local human rights laws and applicable provisions of international humanitarian law
• Operate with full respect for the values, culture and religions of host countries
• Not condone discrimination, or harassment of people for any reason
• Not permit its personnel to commit any act which might prejudice the security and stability of a host country or impact adversely on the local environment

Restrata takes its appointments, projects and responsibilities seriously. The Company is committed to openness and honesty and acknowledges its obligation for responsible behaviour and accountability. As part of this commitment the Company maintains a confidential whistleblowing policy for our staff and contractors to enable them to raise concerns about any aspect of the Company's operations. A confidential reporting system is available on this website, through it you may contact the entire Restrata Ethics Committee, please click here to email. All contacts and disclosures will be treated with the strictest confidence in accordance with our corporate policy.