C4i Operations/Crisis Management Centres

SecureLocate™ has vast experience in the design and build of Operations and CMC. A well-designed CMC can greatly benefit the management and coordination of response, as well as recovery of critical assets should it be required. The CMC is designed so that this critical information can be extracted and presented to produce a high level of situational awareness and decision making data.

Whether a small travel / crisis management centre or a fully integrated Security Operations facility, SecureLocate™ has the necessary knowledge and past performance to support organisations and their unique requirements.

We provide guidance and recommendations on all aspects of your CMC design, including recommendations involving electrical/ data circuit layout, security considerations, projection displays, equipment, communication considerations, UPS/ backup and power considerations.
Key Business Models and areas of expertise integrated into the CMC include:

Travel Management - Rearrangement of clients’ travel itineraries in the event of security incidents

Journey Management - In Vehicle Monitoring Systems for safe journey management

BMS - Building Management Systems Monitoring

CCTV - Remote Monitoring and Motion Detector Surveillance.

Telecommunications - Numerous technologies, including set up, operations and maintenance

Tactical Information - Access to Restrata’s Insight team for threat and risk analysis

SOPs - Standard Operating Procedures

Geospatial Mapping - Security Operating Pictures, plotted on overlays built on open standards Geographic Information System (GIS) language

Multi-sensor Monitoring and Visualisation - A range of sensor inputs and necessary data fusion to provide a situational awareness picture for informed decision making and command and control. With industry partners GOCC brings together information from ground based radar, fibre optic sensing, unattended ground sensors and ariel surveillance systems.

Insight & Information - Using advanced mapping solutions, historical records and government partners, our academic subject matter experts are the cornerstone of this capability. The analysts reap our extensive operational footprint and expert source network 24/7 to provide 'ground-truth' reporting for our clients. 'Ground-truth' reporting that enables critical decision-making, mitigates risk, demonstrates duty of care and ensures project success.

Location Based Services (LBS) also offers the Business Solutions Operations Centre (BSOC) facility, which exists as a 24/7 conduit to meet the commercial, security and operational needs of companies within Southern Iraq, at this time, to better interact with local authorities in remote or high-risk environments.

BSOCs fuse information from multiple sources including contractors, media and Non-Governmental Organisation agents, satellite imagery, historical archives and local security forces, to create a common operating picture that can be made electronically available to all vetted and approved businesses operating in challenging regions.